Roasted Chai-Flavored Almonds


I love chai and I love nuts as a snack, but these combo wasn’t as wonderful as I was hoping. I used almond milk instead of regular milk. I don’t have a scale so I ended up using an approximation of 100 grams of almonds found online (a little less than three quarters of a cup – the estimated amount for 100 grams was seven tenths of a cup). The milk wasn’t enough to cover the almonds. I just mixed it half way through. The almonds absorbed a lot of the liquid anyway so I don’t think it was much of a problem. These nuts were pretty spicy, in that they tasted like chai spices, but I didn’t really get a flavor for the tea…maybe that is asking too much! When the almonds were done baking, the insides were soft and squishy while the outsides were crunchy. Kind of an unusual texture combo for almonds. I’m not sure that I’ll make these again. I might try making with some more sugar to make them more sugar-spice almonds, but I didn’t really feel that they lived up to the “chai” name.


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