Coconut Oatmeal Cookies


These cookies…best gluten free cookies I have ever had!!! So good. I think even non gluten-free eaters would enjoy these. I made a few substitutions. I used gluten free oats. Rather than flax-seeds and dairy-free milk, I used an egg. I also subbed out the raw sugar for half brown and half granulated sugar. I also used dessicated coconut as that is what I had. I found that when the cookies were brown around the edges, they were actually over-done (although still good). So just test them at 17 minutes and make sure that you take them out at the first hint of browning at the edges! I tried adding some cinnamon for whatever reason, but this cookie definitely doesn’t need any additional flavoring (this from a not so huge fan of coconut). Must make these again!


Imitation Caramel Coconut Scout Cookies


I have a massive sweet tooth, but even these were a little too sweet for me! Next time, I think I will halve the coconut mixture as the coconut part was too overwhelming for me; I like more of a cookie bite with it than I was getting. I think if I make it again, I will also try it with my favorite snickerdoodle recipe rather than the suggested shortbread one. Also, normally I like a warm cookie, but I think that this test best once the coconut part has had time to firm up. I kept mine in the fridge.