Vegan fudge


Based on the ingredients, I kind of thought that this would taste like frosting, but it tasted (texture and flavor-wise) a lot like non-vegan fudge. I added some sugar decorations rather than the chocolate sprinkles recommended. It added a nice crunch. I might try chocolate sprinkles next time though. It was very rich and sweet, although that didn’t stop me from eating way too much! You don’t really need much of this fudge to satisfy a sweet tooth. Also, I ended up usingĀ  a 500 gram box of sugar on this recipe and it was slightly less than the amount called for.


Oatmeal, choco-chip, “M&M” cookies


These cookies were very tasty, probably a 4.5 stars out of five! I tried it with both peanut butter (one with stabilizers, peanut oil and added salt rather than all natural) and also with natural almond butter. I liked the taste best when it was made with peanut butter and I may try all natural peanut butter next time. With the non-all-natural peanut butter, the cookie was not as flat as those shown in the picture on the website (link below). I subbed coconut oil for the butter successfully; maybe if butter were used, it would have pushed it to a five star recipe. I also made only one-third of a batch. I used Dr. Oetker’s chocolate beans instead of M&Ms as the chocolate beans do not list milk as an ingredient. Baking for eight minutes kept the cookie moist and a bit gooey, but removed the “raw” taste from the cookie. I left out the raisins. Very happy to have found this recipe!