Oatmeal, choco-chip, “M&M” cookies


These cookies were very tasty, probably a 4.5 stars out of five! I tried it with both peanut butter (one with stabilizers, peanut oil and added salt rather than all natural) and also with natural almond butter. I liked the taste best when it was made with peanut butter and I may try all natural peanut butter next time. With the non-all-natural peanut butter, the cookie was not as flat as those shown in the picture on the website (link below). I subbed coconut oil for the butter successfully; maybe if butter were used, it would have pushed it to a five star recipe. I also made only one-third of a batch. I used Dr. Oetker’s chocolate beans instead of M&Ms as the chocolate beans do not list milk as an ingredient. Baking for eight minutes kept the cookie moist and a bit gooey, but removed the “raw” taste from the cookie. I left out the raisins. Very happy to have found this recipe!



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