Vegan fudge


Based on the ingredients, I kind of thought that this would taste like frosting, but it tasted (texture and flavor-wise) a lot like non-vegan fudge. I added some sugar decorations rather than the chocolate sprinkles recommended. It added a nice crunch. I might try chocolate sprinkles next time though. It was very rich and sweet, although that didn’t stop me from eating way too much! You don’t really need much of this fudge to satisfy a sweet tooth. Also, I ended up using  a 500 gram box of sugar on this recipe and it was slightly less than the amount called for.


Homemade Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cups


I’m a big fan of Reese’s, but I avoid dairy like the plague now so Reese’s are out. I found that these choc/peanut butter cups provide a good flavor and texture for the most part. I used honey rather than maple syrup. I couldn’t really taste the coconut oil in this recipe, which was nice, but I definitely felt it made the consistency of the peanut butter much smoother than alone. I used cocoa rather than buying cacao specifically for this recipe and the chocolate had kind of a chalky texture so if I make this again I’ll either melt dark chocolate and mix with some coconut oil or I will use raw cacao to see if it makes the taste/consistency a bit better. Might try other such recipe types in the future, but this was the best I have tried thus far. Also, filling the muffin cups half way resulted in only seven Choco/PB cups for me and I was using a standard size cup.

Healthy Peanut Butter Cups

Peanut Butter Chocolate Blondies


After the success of this recipe, I really wanted to love this peanut butter and chocolate blondie recipe (easier than scooping up the dough one by one and since it is made with honey instead of brown sugar and 100%, without additives peanut butter, probably a lot healthier). Alas, it was not to be. They were far too dry and crumbly plus not very tasty at all. I pulled them out at ten minutes and they didn’t seem done although bits on the top were already starting to turn dark brown. I covered with aluminum foil in order to try to stop the top from burning and returned the blondies to the oven. After 20 minutes I took them out. Extremely dry tasting, but the bottom didn’t look or really taste cooked. It mentions in the recipe to use less than a cup if your peanut butter isn’t very runny or oily. The one that I used wasn’t very runny/oily so I didn’t use a full cup and I even added a bit of extra honey as well (maybe that was part of the downfall?). I may try these again if I have a really runny looking peanut butter or maybe I’ll even try them again with coconut oil or applesauce. But, I don’t think so as I ended up throwing these out and very much hate to throw out any food. 😦

Double Choco Chunk Cookies


These were very good. The grittiness of the almond flour was definitely present and it was slightly dry. The grittiness didn’t really detract from the cookie though, just gave it a bit of an unusual texture. The slight dryness could have been as I used coconut oil or perhaps made a bit smaller cookies than recommended (made more than 12 as referenced in the recipe) so either of these factors could have contributed. Tried cooking for a bit less time, but wanted them to be baked through. They didn’t spread out at all. Used 130 grams of chocolate. Perhaps adding more would make them a little less dry. All that being said, the taste of these cookies is quite good and slightly addictive! May try a bit more coconut oil next time and will continue to work on adjusting the cooking time and cookie dough shape to see if that makes them just the little bit more delicious!

Snickers Ice Cream



Vegan Snickers Ice Cream

Chocolate Mint Cookies


Changed this recipe significantly…and although the taste was very good, the cookies were flat and had a slight taste of coconut (which wasn’t bad, but adding more coconut butter might make the coconut flavor a bit too pronounced). Also, the part where the mint was added during cooking did not seem to bake as well. Created a square cake with about half the recipe and it turned out pretty well – added the chocolates after it was cooked and then just warmed in the oven to melt chocolate a bit and create a chocolate frosting.

Used 1 TBS of coconut butter (creamed coconut) and 3 TBS of coconut oil rather than butter, used honey in place of the maple syrup, replaced coconut flour with almond flour. Might make again some time in the future with no substitutions if I can find palm shortening because the taste was very good, the cookies just spread out terribly!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies


Used peanut butter with stabilizers. Made these cookies by hand rather than using a mixer. Only mixed for a few minutes – maybe three to five – and when the “dough” started getting sticky/greasy, I stopped mixing, threw in the freezer for a few minutes, then rolled them into balls and stuck in the fridge for about 24 hours. Otherwise, pretty much followed directions. Baked on parchment paper for eight minutes. Excellent!